As discussed in Part 1, fiber Internet connectivity can deliver advantages to organizations of every size, especially those that use the cloud for data storage or applications. Part 2 will discuss Less Latency, Productivity Maintained, Security Improved, Speed Increased, and Stronger Signal Over Distance.


6) Less Latency

Delays when processing data over the Internet is described as latency. Eliminating much of the latency problems, fiber-optic cabling makes the downloads and uploads of large files smoother and faster. The following lists business advantages from reduced latency:

  • Enhanced collaboration between employees
  • Faster and smoother downloads and uploads of very large files
  • Improved HD video and VoIP audio quality
  • Increased capability for utilizing cloud applications

7) Productivity Maintained

Businesses equipped with fast Internet are typically more productive than if they didn’t have this feature. According to research, organizations that eliminate unreliability and latency from their Internet may save at least one week of productivity yearly. Productivity problems stemming from poor Internet connectivity can be addressed immediately by installing fiber-optic cabling.

8) Security Improved

A typical data breach costs a company $4 million in losses. Cybercriminals can illicitly access data being transmitted over copper cable quite easily through methods like cable tapping. Penetrating a fiber-optic cable requires cutting its fibers, and this will result in the signal it is carrying to disappear. Thus, implementing fiber Internet will significantly protect your organization from cybercrime.

9) Speed Increased

Several times faster than the highest-speed copper connection, fiber-optic Internet can provide speeds up to 100 Gbps. Even in periods of very high demand, your employees should not experience slower Internet. As mentioned above, slow Internet can cost your company a week’s worth of productivity. Installing fiber-optic cables can promote profitability.

10) Stronger Signal Over Distance

Broadband Internet provided via traditional methods like DSL and Ethernet over Copper has a major drawback as data transmissions increasingly degrade the farther a user is away from the switch. In contrast, fiber-optic cable better retains signal strength over distance. Companies in large facilities can benefit from this characteristic.

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