Security Systems

Low Voltage Systems for Commercial Security

Also known as structured wiring, low voltage cabling or wiring is utilized for supporting digital and electronic technology so they work efficiently and reliable. Commercial buildings and facilities usually have audio/visual, computer networking, network data, telephone, security and Wi-Fi wiring systems. Each can be supported by a low voltage wiring network independent from conventional electrical wiring.

The installation of low voltage wiring will require the knowledge and experience of certified technicians who are capable of setting up the network for an entire building. There will be some instances where the configuration of the cabling infrastructure will have to accommodate various functions across multiple facilities. Only trained and experienced technicians will be capable of handling installations of this complexity.

Building and facility security is crucial for the prevention of crime and the safety of employees and visitors. Progressive Office has a skilled and experience team in place that can install the cabling and equipment for various types of low voltage systems, including the four discussed below that focus on security.

Access Control Systems

Determine which areas, what times, and who will be allowed entry under certain conditions by installing a low voltage access control system. This system can be built to use biometric scanners, card readers, and other solutions that will restrict access to specific areas of your factory, office building, medical facility, school, warehouse or other structure.

Motion Sensor Alarm Systems

The installation of a network of motion detectors, panic switches, door and window contacts, panic switches, and other devices will help secure your commercial building or facility from intruders. This low voltage system can be used in conjunction with monitoring services, and professional security guards or the police can be notified automatically when sensors are triggered.

Surveillance Camera Systems

Featuring a network of CCTV (closed-circuit television) surveillance cameras that are connected to video monitors and digital recorders, a low voltage surveillance camera system will keep your security staff constantly informed of what is occurring inside your building or facility and the surrounding perimeter. Both live and recorded footage can be viewed remotely to enhance the security of your property.

Temperature Detection & Screening Systems

Infrared cameras are now considered an effective and non-invasive way for detecting high body temperatures at the entry points of buildings. Although no camera is capable of determining an individual is infected by COVID-19, one equipped with special infrared technology can detect an elevated body temperature, which is one of the chief symptoms of people afflicted by the corona virus. The installation of a low voltage temperature detection and screening system can help protect the well being of employees working in your building as well as guests.

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