Network Switch Cabling Company Atlanta GAExpert professional providers of network cabling are attuned to the current trends regarding the needs of their customers. They have noted that their clients are becoming increasingly motivated to upgrade network cabling because of the rapid growth of data and its business usage. The following is a list of their 10 trending reasons for upgrading network cabling in 2019.

  1. Access Control & Time and Attendance – Increasingly, these two systems are network connected. The ability to monitor people on premises from a central location enhances safety and security.
  2. CCTV Upgrades – IP CCTV systems are becoming the standard, and are connected to a network to allow both internal and external communications.
  3. Consolidation – Transferring staff or networked machinery from several facilities to one location may require more network outlets.
  4. Display Screens – Efficiently distributing informational video to staff, clients, customers, and partners will mean display screens require network connectivity.
  5. Expansion – May result in a growing number of employees or networked machinery, requiring more network outlets.
  6. Inventory Control – Stock management is usually performed with barcode scanners connected to servers via Wi-Fi. Thus, wireless access points require connectivity to network outlets.
  7. Reliability & Performance Problems – Improper installation of existing cabling systems may require a comprehensive network upgrade supported by documentation or certification to cope with the exponential growth of data and to remain competitive.
  8. SIP Phone System Upgrade – More network outlets are usually necessary to provide connectivity to the new phones. Frequently, savings from the SIP installation can cover the infrastructure upgrade costs.
  9. Tooling & Machinery Upgrades – New plant equipment will typically be “smart” and require network connectivity, which may require more network outlets in close proximity.
  10. Wi-Fi Upgrade – The rapid growth of wireless devices for business use will require faster Wi-Fi with improved coverage. More wireless access points will be necessary.

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