There are several trends involving cabling data centers and local area networks that will become more important in 2021 and they are summarized as follows.


5G, cloud, IoT, and SaaS deployments have transformed the network landscape. As LANs coordinate with the automation of buildings, connectivity now requires more availability, reliability, and standardization.

Building management devices will communicate over IP and Ethernet, using LAN as a physical layer with the cloud and Internet integrated. A growing number of devices will use Ethernet for networking. In addition, Power over Ethernet (PoE) will be an efficient and cost-effective manner for powering devices via data cables, including applications for lighting and sensors.

Single Pair Ethernet

Faster connection speed, higher density, and installation ease are prerequisites for network flexibility and scalability. They can all be attained through the replacement of the traditional field bus by Single Pair Ethernet. This method makes installation and maintenance simpler, raises the number of connection points, and decreases operational and material expenses.

Smart networks can support energy efficient apps and tech like intelligent building space management, which includes controlling lighting and the environment. In addition, PoE is capable of powering LEDs through IP addresses. Infrastructure will be more capable of integrating devices, taking advantage of a unified network.

Fiber Optic Cabling

When fully deployed, 5G will be able to connect to 100 billion devices. 5G base stations connecting via radio links will not be adequate. Thus, there must be an integration of antennas into fiber networks connected to edge data centers.

The required 5G macro cells, antennas, and small cells will need more bandwidth along with low latency. Unless fiber is prevalent, the introduction of 5G will not be practical. Combining 5G and fiber deployments will allow service providers to benefit from a shared infrastructure supporting both.

Part 2 will discuss 5G Leveraging, Automated Infrastructure Management, Edge Infrastructure, and High Density.

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