As discussed in Part 1, there are several trends involving cabling data centers and local area networks that will become more important in 2021. Part 2 will discuss 5G Leveraging, Automated Infrastructure Management, Edge Infrastructure, and High Density.

5G Leveraging

The greater availability of fiber and the deployment of 5G will result in a greater demand for various applications like concealed antennas, PoE devices, and apps for connecting over short distances. Connectivity featuring low latency will allow enhanced mobile and machine communications, remote healthcare, self-driving vehicles, and smart municipal services.

Automated Infrastructure Management

Modern data centers typically feature a great number of patch cords and ports. As a result, automated infrastructure management (AIM) provided by software and hardware solutions are needed to decrease the burden on employees and raise their efficiency. AIM makes managing infrastructures that are becoming larger and more complex over time easier. These solutions increase administrative and operational efficiency, while helping to minimize maintenance and downtime.

Edge Infrastructure

Due to the limitations of wireless applications, fiber will be needed for the cabling and connecting of billions of sensors, allowing low-latency, high, and uninterrupted bandwidth. In addition, ever demanding technical requirements for data processing and transmission are resulting in the development of edge infrastructures capable of supporting and extending central structures and featuring computing power at the edge of networks. This allows the most used applications and content to be cached closer to markets with less network density, increasing performance and improving user experience.

Higher Density

Employing a high-density configuration in a data center will increase capacity and maximize space, which eases expansions. Starting with only one rack, a data center can subsequently expand as needed.  A higher density infrastructure will generate higher temperatures, which makes cooling crucial. One way to reduce heat is to ensure cables do not block airflow. Densely packed cabling also makes MACs (moves, additions, and changes) more difficult.

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