Cable Management Help Fix Repair | Boston MAThe three top reasons why your company should invest in proper cable management are Organizational Efficiency, Workplace Safety, and Maintenance & Troubleshooting. Make sure to work with a reputable professional cabling provider to get the best results.

  1. Organizational EfficiencyIf cables are poorly organized and inaccessible, reconfiguring or expanding the network will take much more time, effort, and money because technicians will have to work harder to understand how the cabling is set up. Disorganized cabling will result in much less efficiency, and even basic tasks will be more difficult to accomplish.Best practices for cable management include the proper organization of cables and wires. One important aspect of this is the utilization of standard color coding and labeling. This will allow techs to quickly determine the designation of each cable for its particular task and connection. To illustrate, Ethernet cables are typically colored blue.
  2. Workplace SafetyOne way to help ensure your employees are safe in the workplace is through proper cable management. Poorly laid cables may result in people tripping and falling, resulting in injuries and possibly lawsuits. In addition, someone tripping on a cable may yank it out of its connection with such force that it damages equipment.Storing cabling improperly may also be a fire hazard. Cables that are stacked on top of each other and tangled may lead to overheating and sparking. The situation may even be more dangerous if flammable material is stored near the cabling in the data center.
  3. Maintenance & TroubleshootingProper cable management allows technicians to more easily perform maintenance. It will give them the ability to access cables, replace those that are defective, implement reconfigurations, and reach faulty hardware for troubleshooting as fast as possible.Performing the above basic tasks will become dramatically much more complicated if a technician is forced to sort through numerous cables that are poorly organized or tangled. Proper cable management results in ease of access and decreased downtime, which helps the bottom line.

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