Introduced in 2009, Category 6a cable (Augmented Category 6) can support data transfer rates ranging up to 10Gbps at a bandwidth of 500MHz. Superior to the preceding cable categories, the increased performance of Cat6a can be attributed to the tighter and additional twists of its wires and thicker insulation for the significant reduction of crosstalk.

As set forth by ISO/IEC 11801 and TIA/EIA 568 requirements, the components of Cat6a are utilized in Class EA networks. Considered a cost-effective cable for future-proofing, the use of Cat6a is rapidly growing worldwide. It is being adopted as the standard for cable installations for both private and public buildings.


Cat6a’s outer diameter is considerably wider than that of its main predecessor, Cat5e. Cat5e UTP cable measures 6mm to 7mm. Cat6a can range from 7mm to 10mm, and so it also weighs more. Cat6a’s greater diameter and weight decreases how much cable can be accommodated by a cable tray or conduit in comparison to the older categories. More room will also be required by Cat6a for cable bends, the patch panel, and the area behind a wall outlet.

Future Proofing

One of the most important considerations for the installation of Cat6a cable is the extent to how long it will future-proof your organization’s network. If the service life of the new cabling system is projected to be five years or more, Cat6a will be one of the better choices. If the projected service life needs to be 10 years or longer, Cat6a will be the preferred selection in most cases.

Cat6a the Standard

When your team is reviewing the utilization of Cat6a components in a Class EA and 10Gbps network, the points below regarding Cat6a should be strongly considered:

• Recommended for new cable installations in healthcare facilities
• Recommended for new cable installations in educational institutions
• Delivers improved performance for PoE (Power over Ethernet)
• Supports wireless systems that are reliant on 10Gig

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