When your company needs to install a low voltage structured cabling system to run with more efficiency, always work with an experienced and expert professional company. Their staff will help in the design and installation of your organization’s wiring infrastructure. The following will cover what to expect from a cabling contractor during the process.

Detailed Quote

During the interview process, a structured cabling contractor should give you a detailed quote for your project. The estimate should not just be about overall costs. It should include a breakdown of all the equipment and labor required, along with the cost per item. Having a quote from each contractor will allow you to compare them against each other, so your company can find the best fit for what you need.

The goal should not be to find the least expensive provider. Your objective should be to find the contractor offering the best services for your particular project while charging a fair price.

Technical Standards

An absolute requirement for the cabling company you hire is that they are committed to delivering a low voltage cabling installation that will meet local building codes and technical standards, along with meeting the needs of your business.

An important topic during the interview process is asking whether the contractor knows the local building codes and any required approvals from the municipality. The cabling company should also be familiar with cabling and electrical standards set forth by organizations such as ANSI, BICSI, NEC, and TIA/EIA.

Viable Options

Your cabling contractor should lay out all the possible options for installing low-voltage wiring solutions. An expert and experienced outfit will advise you of the options available in terms of types of infrastructure and equipment. The information they provide and their recommendations should allow you to select the best choice for your organization.

Part 2 will discuss Labeling & Documentation, Future Proofing, Testing, and Warranty.

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