As discussed in Part 1, always work with an experienced and expert professional company when installing low voltage cabling for your business. Part 2 will discuss Labeling & Documentation, Future Proofing, Testing, and Warranty.

Labeling & Documentation

As the employees responsible for the daily management of your cabling infrastructure may change as time passes, it is essential that the installation is labeled properly and documented accurately by the contractor. This will let new staff members get familiarized with the system faster while working more efficiently. Thorough labeling and documentation will also be needed for future maintenance and repair.

Future Proofing

For a low voltage cabling system installation to be a success, it must meet both the current and future needs of your company in technical and business terms. For example, it’s frequently necessary to increase the bandwidth of your system in the future. Thus, structured cabling must terminate properly to make retro-wiring possible. Future proofing will significantly extend the service life of a structured cabling installation and increase your ROI.

You should expect your cabling installation company to be knowledgeable of current technology as well as industry trends. The greater their level of expertise, the better they can advise you on every available technology option for your future cabling needs.


In order to ensure high quality, a professional cabling company will carry out thorough testing and perform every diagnosis needed to verify your new cabling system has been optimized according to standards. In addition, they should also be willing to return for any follow-up diagnostics, maintenance, testing, and repair in the future. Having the original contractor for these services saves time and effort.


 Your cabling contractor should give you a standard warranty for the equipment and labor they provided for your low voltage cabling installation. Although a warranty does not completely guarantee that your new cabling infrastructure will not have issues, having one assures you will be covered for problems caused by substandard equipment and labor.

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