A growing number of companies are realizing how important proper cable management is for their data centers. Thus, they are focusing more resources on their network infrastructure. Although they may properly design and execute the cable installation, they may have trouble implementing smart and effective cable management in their data centers because the task is becoming increasingly complex.

What is required is a solution capable of simplifying cable management. The answer is DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) software. The following will discuss six best practices for data center cable management and the implementation of DCIM software.

1) Visual Design of Data Center Cabling Infrastructure

If your organization is planning a new data center or migrating one, the project typically starts with considering how assets will be positioned for space allocation, along with the methods for supplying power and cooling the facility. The network team should be consulted on how the placement of devices and cabinets will affect the running of cabling and wiring. Visually laying out the above will identify any potential problems before they impact the project.

Designing the new network will require considering structured cabling configurations such as EOR (end-of-row) or TOR (top-of-rack), the use of copper or fiber cables, plans for expansion, server and equipment configuration, and future proofing. Proper planning will aid the installation, minimizing any unplanned changes that may be time-consuming and result in additional costs.

DCIM software can support the design process by ensuring the connectivity required will be provided by the infrastructure. Tools such as floor map visualizations will give an overview of the data center space and how equipment will be connected. Data and power connections can be modified virtually, including the lengths, type, and colors of cabling. After the network design is completed using DCIM software, a build sheet can then be printed for accurately carrying out the installation.

Part 2 will cover Cabling Installation Documentation.

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