As discussed previously, DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) software can significantly simplify data center cable management. Part 3 will cover Accurate Cabling Measurement and Precise Installation Instructions.

3) Accurate Cabling Measurement

Perhaps the easiest way to maintain safety is keeping your data center free of scattered and loose cables. This is done by accurately measuring the lengths of cables during installation. Being precise also saves costs by preventing waste.

Measuring cables accurately means including the horizontal distance between two cabinets, as well as the vertical distance from the device within a cabinet to the floor or ceiling. When horizontal and vertical runs are inadequate, it can cause downtime during MACs (Moves, Additions, and Changes).

DCIM software can be used to estimate cable lengths, conserving time, effort, and resources. This solution can measure distances between cabinets as indicated on a floor map. Near and far-end vertical heights are also included for more accuracy. Using this solution will make it unnecessary to carry around extra-long tape measures for physically making measurements in the data center.

4) Precise Installation Instructions

After the design and planning for data center cabling is completed, the next phase is physical installation. As the installation team is usually not involved in the planning phase, it is crucial that they are provided clear and precise installation instructions. All required details should be included and accurate to prevent improper installations and connections.

Effective data center cable management also needs precision in planning and instructions. Using its own database, DCIM software can help generate and print detailed work orders that include information such as cabinet elevations, cabling components, cable types, and connectors. A work order can even direct a cable installer to connect a specific port to a specific server using a specific type of cable of a certain length.

Part 4 will cover Validation of Connections and Data Center Connectivity Capacity.

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