As discussed previously, DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) software can significantly simplify data center cable management. Part 4 will cover Validation of Connections and Data Center Connectivity Capacity.


5) Validation of Connections


During the process of planning and installation of data center cabling, teams tend to dwell on the distances from starting points to termination points, along with the total lengths of cabling needed. Although this information is important to keep in mind, another aspect that will be crucial to consider is the compatibility of connections. It will not be possible to carry out the installation of a cable from a certain switch to a specific device if the switch does not have compatible ports.


Fortunately, a complete DCIM solution can validate the compatibility of connections and will not permit types of connections without verifying they will function. When power or data circuits are being created using DCIM software, the solution will prevent connections that use incompatible ports. When searching for locations for the deployment of new equipment, the solution will not include cabinets if there is not an adequate number of compatible connectors.


6) Data Center Connectivity Capacity


Most companies are now utilizing data to make better data center management decisions. This includes choices regarding data center connectivity. Being knowledgeable about the metrics for tracking connectivity in a data center will provide an overall understanding of network capacity, allow the identification of important trends, and simplify new equipment provisioning.


By knowing your current technical objectives, your team will be able to identify the most useful KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that should be tracked in your data center. Below are three examples:


  1. Tracking how many power and data circuits are being built every week will allow you to determine if the number produced is meeting the weekly quota.
  2. If you want to improve forecasts warning your team of a looming shortage of available ports, your team should study trends regarding power and data capacity.
  3. Keeping track of cabinets with the greatest number of ports can assist technicians in determining where new equipment should be installed.

By intelligently using data provided by a DCIM solution rather than utilizing outdated tools like Excel and Visio, your team will find it easier and simpler to carry out data center management.

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