The modern data center is growing in importance for businesses. Well-planned and properly installed cabling allows a data center to function at high performance levels and operational efficiency. The following will discuss the best practices for installation that make this possible.

Structured Cabling

Regardless of deployment requirements, each data center should follow a structured cabling plan. A compact in-house data room can easily cope with a small number of cables connecting several pieces of equipment, but data center infrastructure will require much more complexity.

When cable distribution is poorly conceived and implemented, it can cause serious data center management problems in the future. Common issues such as blocked air flow, poor end-to-end cable identification, and slower repairs and MACs (moves, additions, and changes) will result. Addressing these problems will result in longer downtimes, will be costly and may potentially harm the reputation of a company.

One key best practice uses centralized patch panels, minimizing the requirement for more direct cable applications while reducing the chance for incorrect installation of cables. Modern data centers are increasing the number of direct route circuits, which is required for maximizing bandwidth. Interconnection systems provided by structured cabling provide for excellent quality controls during installation or expansion.

Pre-Terminated Cabling

Pre-terminated cabling promotes data center connection efficiency. These cables arrive from the factory with pre-installed connectors, providing efficient plug-and-play solutions for connecting networking equipment. They are traditionally utilized for patch-cabling, which are needed for speedier deployments while joining two structured installations. Newer applications are now available for implementing customer-to-provider and customer-to-customer connections more efficiently.

After properly installing pre-terminated cabling, a data center can create an inventory of cabling, installation, repair, and restoration requirements. This practice will decrease maintenance and servicing downtimes for the organization. In addition, pre-terminated cables undergo manufacturer testing and certification, decreasing the time required for installation. Utilizing the proper lengths during installation is crucial because an excess of cabling will cause future problems involving storage and service.

Part 2 will cover High Quality Cabling and Thorough Documentation.

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