As discussed in Part 1, data centers are growing in importance for businesses, and cabling best practices allow them to maximize performance. Part 2 will cover High-Quality Cabling and Thorough Documentation.

High-Quality Cabling

To meet current specifications and for future proofing, the highest grade copper or fiber cabling should be installed in a data center. Outdated cabling cannot tolerate the decreased bend radius needed for the modern data center. Although they are less expensive, installing older style cables will likely cause serious problems in the future.

An important factor in every data center is the limited availability of space. To maximize the area available, the quality and quantity of material must be carefully considered. Wishing to economize by keeping older, existing cables may save money in the short run, but will be more costly over time in terms of reduced performance and more costly servicing.

A general best practice for data center cabling installation is utilizing systems that automate production. Installation teams should also not completely depend on one source or methodology because flexibility will be needed for meeting the expectations of their clients. Every decision regarding controlling costs must balance budgetary requirements and service quality.

Thorough Documentation

Typically, a data center will utilize many cables and wires to perform efficiently. Thus, thorough documentation will be required by a structured cabling system for proper management. Keeping track of every deployment of cabling and equipment will be needed for future MACs (moves, additions, and changes) if they are to be performed as efficiently and inexpensively as possible. Thorough documentation becomes even more important if there has been turnover of personnel.

When a data center plans to utilize pre-terminated cables for a network rack, technicians need to know how many are required to enable carrying out repairs and connecting servers and equipment in an efficient manner. Without thorough or accurate documentation, managers spend precious time calculating cabling needs for each project. In addition, addressing issues and performing installations and MACs will be much harder.

Progressive Office Cabling

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