Cable Internet Packages

Cable Internet Packages

As high-bandwidth business applications become increasingly prevalent, cable internet has overtaken DSL as the solution of choice for companies of every size.

Today’s businesses are dependent on high-bandwidth applications that are growing in complexity. In order to cope with the increased amount of data being processed by networks, organizations around the world have made cable internet their preferred internet solution. The following will discuss two common use cases.

  1. A client-relationship management system needs rapid internet connections in order to work properly and generate returns compensating for the cost of its implementation.  In addition, the faster speeds provided by cable internet will facilitate both email management and document sharing.
  2. Cable television is now used by numerous companies to entertain visitors and clients as they spend time in reception areas. Considered essential, this type of service is universally provided by hospitality businesses such as hotels and restaurants.

For a flat monthly fee, our cable internet packages provide:

Internet – Network connections for desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets at speeds up to 1Gbps. The bandwidth provided will be able to serve thousands of users.

Television – Several hundred cable television channels, as well as premium services such as pay-per-view and subscription sports packages, will be available.

TelcoSolutions teams with all the major cable internet providers that serve businesses throughout the USA. Our customers have access to the fastest connection speeds and best pricing per Mbps available.

All your cable internet needs will be met after we consult and design a customized package for your business. In addition, our support services are reliable and customer-focused. You won’t have to face long wait times on automated helplines because our dedicated staff will always be available to address any issue.

Our Cable Internet services will help improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiency, and raise productivity. Contact us and receive a free evaluation and quote today!

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