Test-Um’s NT955 Validator-NT™ is an all-in-one network management tool with a 4-inch color LCD screen. We will use this tool to certify, identify, configure and document your Ethernet network. The Validator-NT provides every feature we need to test, trace and tune your Ethernet network.

This powerful planning and certification tool tests speed and performance using the latest nt955-cable-testertechnical advances in digital measurement. It defines the job, makes the tests, prints results and stores data. Our Validator-NT measures and presents fast, clear speed and performance results up to 1 Gigabit.

And the software lets us lay out a floor plan, document and print test results plus archive jobs for future reference. It ties together all the different cable criteria found in complex voice/data/video installations. Then it presents concise information in printed reports while storing data for future use.


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