Yes, in several important ways that will help boost productivity, operational efficiency, and profitability. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) can complement data capture technologies, such as bar codes, that have already been implemented by warehouses and distribution centers. Below is a summary of the benefits of RFID deployment in these two cases.

RFID Benefits

• Decrease Labor Costs: Reduction of the manpower hours needed to perform primary functions such as picking, packing, shipping, returning, and restocking.

• Increase Inventory Accuracy: Achieve more efficiency and accuracy in tracking inventory, minimizing errors in both the picking and ordering.

• Lower Stock Levels: Decrease levels of inventory by improving stock visibility and generation of demand.

• Decrease Unavailable & Stagnant Stock: Reduction of the items that are out-of-stock and that are not selling, resulting in leaner levels of inventory and faster inventory turnover.

• Raise Customer Satisfaction: RFID deployment will help deliver goods to the right customer faster.

Manufacturing Point Tagging

RFID tagging at the manufacturing point will generate more accurate inbound and outbound data in a distribution center, resulting in increased efficiency of both shipping and receiving.

Operational Efficiency in Receiving

Using RFID tags, items can be scanned by a portal reader as they are unloaded from trucks onto the dock. In cases where traditional barcode methods would take three hours for counting, scanning, and sorting, RFID centralized scanning and access would take 30 minutes.

Real Time Asset Management

The utilization of RFID tags attached to containers, equipment, people, and products, along with RTLS (real-time location systems), will enable organizations to monitor in real time the status and location of items.


RFID can aid in compliance with government regulations. An RFID tag can provide required tracking information, such as date of manufacture, shelf life, and information regarding batch, lot, serial number, and other data. In addition, portals and leaders along the supply chain will allow the updating of information, allowing rapid action in cases such as recalls and counterfeiting.

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