Your team may be thinking about re-cabling the company’s data center. Business may have been hurt by a slow network caused by outdated cabling unable to cope with significantly increasing traffic. Moreover, new hardware may have been added without using cabling best practices, resulting in messy tangles of disorganized cables.

Once the decision has been made to re-cable your data center, it is crucial for your team to emphasize proper planning at the beginning of the project. The key to success is the implementation of cabling best practices.

Study & Planning

The company’s technical team must first understand why re-cabling is necessary. Questions should be asked and answered. Is there a system slow-down? Are there damaged cables requiring replacement?  Does data center cable management need improvement?

Whatever the reasons for re-cabling, the project will require significant time and effort in planning. In addition, your team needs to be knowledgeable about cabling standards and best practices for data centers. Lack of proper planning, especially in future proofing, may lead to cabling infrastructure becoming outdated after just a few years.

Avoid Cabling Issues by Researching

Cables and their installations are not all alike. You should perform research on the various cables your company’s data center will require. Compare the products of several manufacturers by reading blogs and finding user reviews. Emphasize high quality when shopping for cables. Do not cut costs by buying cheap cabling because network performance and uptime will decrease.

Elements of Successful Re-Cabling Projects

  • Proper planning results in greater efficiency in cabling management and increased uptime for networks.
  • Consult ANSI/TIA/EIA standards for streamlining cabling processes and decreasing costs.
  • Implement best practices such as utilizing short patch cables, color coding, labeling, and future proofing.
  • Perform testing to ensure the installation of new cabling was done properly.  Do not compromise on cables by accepting those that pass marginally when tested. Removing and replacing them during the installation process will be easier than replacing them afterwards.

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