Data Center Hosting

Data Center Hosting

In the 21st century, data is the driving force of every modern company. Essential for day-to-day operations, data centers store valuable business information and support an organization’s IT architecture.

Companies are generating an ever increasing volume of data that flows in billions of bytes every day. Much of this data is sensitive or proprietary, and so it is crucial to ensure it is both secure and accessible. As a result, data centers around the world are using a variety of solutions to maintain data security.

The traditional data center is a physical location used by organizations for the storage of data needed for their business operations. However, data centers are increasingly making the transition from being located on premises to cloud-based infrastructure. Providing greater efficiency and stronger security, using virtualized data center solutions is the growing trend among companies needing data storage today.

Our Data Center Hosting services offer products that feature both scalability and security. These solutions meet a variety of physical network requirements that may be needed by your business. They include the following:

  • Advanced Internet Support
  • Colocation Support
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Managed Server Support

We also offer a range of options that allow our clients to customize the bandwidth, electrical, and spatial features of their package.

Today’s business and regulatory requirements demands that a company’s data is securely stored. Organizations safeguard their crucial data by implementing a data center disaster recovery plan. In circumstances such as manmade or natural disasters, cyberattacks, and other unforeseen events, a secure data center with a backup and disaster recovery plan can help ensure business continuity.

We provide turn-key solutions you can integrate with your data center hosting and physical colocation requirements. This will let you concentrate on expanding your company instead of being concerned about data storage. In addition, the majority of our data centers have 24/7 support staff who are prepared to address any emergency. Our team can also work with data centers located in two or more geographical locations, enabling geo-redundancy for your business.

Our data center hosting services will help modernize your company’s approach to its most valuable asset. Contact us and receive a free evaluation and quote today!

    T1 Internet Services

    Available in three options, T1 internet connections can be configured as data-only, integrated voice and data, or voice-only. Symmetrical internet speeds of up to 1.54 Mbps can be provided by single T1 connections. Bonded alternatives can enable speeds reaching 12 Mbps.

    In contrast to DSL or cable, T1 internet lines are dedicated circuits to the customer and based on location. As a result, T1 providers can ensure rapid connection speed, minimized latency, and high reliability.

    T1 connections are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses or independent contractors who have home offices.

    TelcoSolutions provides data-only and voice-only T1 internet services in all 50 states of the USA, Canada, and Mexico for packages as affordable as $179* per connection, per month. The packages include the following:

    • FREE INSTALLATION upon signing a one, two or three-year contract.
    • 8 static IPs.
    • Managed T1 router.
    • Guaranteed 99% uptime with an SLA
    • Bonded data T1s providing symmetrical speeds ranging from 3 to 12Mbps. MPLS are available as well.
    • 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee.

    In addition, we offer integrated voice and data T1 packages for a monthly fee as low as $239* per connection. Packages include the following:

    • FREE INSTALLATION upon signing one, two or three-year contract.
    • 1 to 24 channels or lines
    • Unlimited local and long-distance calls.
    • A wide range of features, including caller ID, rollover, and 3-way calling.
    • Guaranteed 99% uptime with an SLA
    • Managed T1 router.
    • 8 static IPs.
    • 24/7/365 monitoring
    • Bonded data T1s providing symmetrical speeds ranging from 3 to 12Mbps. MPLS are available as well.
    • 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee.

    Boost your business by getting the benefits of T1 internet services. Contact us and receive a free evaluation and quote today!

    *T1 monthly fees are determined by the distance from the closest servicing facility. Longer T1 loops may have higher rates.

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