Data center reliability and redundancy promote extended periods of continuous operation and help ensure business continuity. High quality equipment, proper installation, regular maintenance, scheduled testing, and uninterrupted power supplies are the essential elements.


This article will cover how to construct a high-availability data center. For the best results, work with an experienced data cabling services company that is highly recommended by colleagues in your industry.


Prevention of Downtime


Defective equipment, fire, human error, natural disasters, etc. can all result in downtime for a data center. When there are operational failures, there can be losses of customers, money, productivity, and reputation. All data centers should make it their top objective to deliver continuous operation. Well-trained employees, correct procedures, and reliable equipment can help prevent downtime.


To create a high-availability data center, management must employ qualified staff and give them proper training, so they can implement the correct procedures and testing regimen for their organization’s data center. A key requirement is building an infrastructure promoting reliability and redundancy by including the following components:


  • UPS (uninterruptible power supply) Backup Systems
  • Surge Protection
  • Power Supply Redundancy
  • Network Connectivity
  • Monitoring System
  • Fire and Moisture Detection
  • Fire Suppression


Failover Features


To raise the level of redundancy, servers should be configured to automatically transfer their tasks to a remote server when it becomes necessary. This backup method is called a “failover”, which deploys a secondary component that will take over functions whenever a primary component becomes unavailable. When scheduled maintenance or a power outage occurs, a secondary component can assume responsibilities.


Best practices that implement failover methods make systems more fault tolerant and  allow them to provide greater continuous availability for mission-critical business operations. When a primary component transfers its responsibilities to a secondary component, the procedure should be carried out smoothly and unknown to end users.


Importance of Design & Best Practices


Solid design and best practices make building a high-availability data center possible. Each component of its infrastructure, including cabling and associated equipment, should be high quality, durable, and properly installed. The installation team must have a comprehensive understanding of the business and technical requirements of their client.


Part 2 will discuss three system areas to address for the improvement of reliability.


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