As discussed in Part 1, data center reliability and redundancy promote extended periods of continuous operation and help ensure business continuity. Part 2 will discuss three system areas to address for the improvement of reliability.


Redundancy of Components & Systems


Redundancy of components and systems increase reliability by preventing single points of failure inside an IT infrastructure. First, a complete evaluation will be needed for determining the proper level of redundancy required. Working with a cabling services team with data center expertise will have your project built on a strong foundation.


The installation of redundant components and systems will help create a high-availability data center. Keep in mind that implementing total redundancy is quite costly. However, increasing redundancy does not always equal increased reliability. Adding redundant components will increase the complexity of an infrastructure, requiring more costs, time, and effort for management.


Backup Power Systems


Each backup system should be equipped with the proper configuration of power generation and UPS systems. Generation systems that are the most dependable feature multiple units that can compensate after a generator fails. Reliable electrical power is important because an outage is capable of disrupting business operations, which can lead to losses in revenue and ruined relationships with clients and customers.


Using an ATS (automatic transfer switch), generators can be configured to activate automatically whenever utility power is cut. When sufficiently fueled, generators can continue providing a data center’s electrical needs until utility power is restored. When that occurs, the ATS switches back to providing utility power, and the generator stops providing electricity.


Monitoring & Detection


Data center equipment is usually damaged by environmental factors. Thus, monitoring & detection systems for the items below should be installed to help ensure business continuity. They can generate alarms before an event becomes catastrophic and causes significant downtime.


  • Smoke
  • Temperature
  • Power
  • Voltage
  • Air flow
  • Humidity
  • Moisture


In certain cases, CCTV cameras should be installed in the sensitive areas of a data center to provide additional security. Video surveillance will allow management to monitor personnel and control access to the facility.


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