Superior to point-to-point connections, structured cabling makes it easier to find, move, and manage individual connections. As a result, modern data centers consider structured cabling infrastructure as the way to go.

Scalability and reliability, along with effective power and cooling solutions, are essential aspects of a structured cabling plan, allowing data centers to be future-proofed. Without such a plan, data center costs will rise, which might make an organization uncompetitive.

Factors for Future Proofing

In planning, selecting, and installing cabling solutions that meet a firm’s business and technical data center requirements, the following three factors should be considered:

Uptime – Access to data is crucial for every business, so uptime requirements as high as 99% must be supported by the cabling system.

Scalability – The cabling infrastructure that will be installed must be able to accommodate the greater bandwidth and higher speeds that will be required by the data center in the future.

Future-proof – In conjunction with scalability, a cabling system should install equipment that will ease the adoption of additional hardware and services that will be needed by a data center in the future.

Layer 1’s Importance

One of the primary goals of a data center structured cabling installation is building a system that provides highly reliable connectivity, allowing its network to consistently operate at peak performance levels. This will require the implementation of robust solutions from the outset.

Every organization should strive to have cabling infrastructure that is specifically engineered to meet its business and technical requirements in the present as well as in the future. The initial engineering of the data center will play the biggest factor in its ability to adopt new technologies and scale as the company expands.

An organization’s structured cabling installation should include best-in-class equipment and the implementation of best practices, ensuring high quality throughout the infrastructure. As a result, the organization’s network will consistently maintain high connectivity. The daily management of the data center will also be eased.

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