As discussed in Part 1, fiber optic cables can deliver data transmissions of greater bandwidth over longer distances than copper cabling. Part 2 will discuss four more advantages of fiber optic cabling.

3) Longer Distances

Complying with government standards, copper cables are allowed a maximum length of 100 meters or about 330 feet. Although longer distances are in theory possible, other problems can arise, so copper cabling cannot be considered adequately reliable for longer distances. In contrast, some fiber optic cables are capable of transmitting more than 24 miles.

4) Invulnerable to EMI

Electrical signals inside copper cables produce electromagnetic interference (EMI) around them. Cables running in close proximity can interfere with each other’s data signals, generating crosstalk. This may require expensive retransmission or even result in security vulnerabilities. In contrast, the light transmissions of fiber optic cabling do not generate EMI.

5) Easier Cable Management

Requiring protective sheathing, fiber optic cables only measure about two millimeters wide. In contrast, a Cat6 copper cable is approximately four times wider and offers far less performance. Fiber optic cables are more flexible and require significantly less space, making them easier to manage.

As fiber optic cables take up less room in a data center, there will be greater circulation of air-conditioning for cooling. This will conserve energy and save on utility costs. Using fiber optic cables will make connected equipment more accessible, and a data center will look more spacious and cleaner.

6) Future Proofed

As time passes, the volume of data being consumed is growing rapidly. Thus, the demand for bandwidth is also increasing in order to keep up. Upgrading IT infrastructure by installing fiber optic cabling will allow an organization’s network to function at greater capacities and speeds in the future. Well-designed structured cabling with a multi-fiber backbone will help future-proof a company for well over a decade. In contrast, a copper cabling installation may last about five years.

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