As discussed by Part 1, a structured cabling system is built using industry standards and best practices. Part 2 will discuss Cloud Applications, Enterprise Virtualization, Mobile Device Support, and Documentation, Security & Compliance.

Cloud Applications

To obtain increased scaling and flexibility, organizations are increasingly utilizing the cloud. Implementation does not require Capital Expenditures and lets users access resources on and off site. Migration to the cloud may also reduce the cost of infrastructure on premises.

Using the cloud with your structured cabling system also allows a company to readily scale as business conditions change. This strategy will help cope with the rapid growth and use of data, allowing a company to remain competitive.

Enterprise Virtualization

Organizations of all sizes are running workloads on virtual machines. Virtualization is an affordable choice for networking capable of a number of functions. These include storing sensitive and critical data and providing access to personal computers.

When an organization implements shared virtual storage or sets up a virtual network, it may put stress on its data cabling. This is where structured cabling system design is crucial for attaining performance, efficiency, and energy savings.

Mobile Device Support

Field service enterprises typically deploy numerous mobile devices for various functions. As an example, off-site technicians may employ Augmented Reality for consulting with colleagues at their facility.

Their mobile devices will be transmitting business data, which is routed through the organization’s data center and processed while being stored in the cloud. Mobile employees require much greater levels of availability and connectivity, and so these requirements should be addressed while planning the structured cabling system.

Documentation, Security & Compliance

Some IT systems deployed as part of a company’s network infrastructure will have particular documentation, security, and compliance requirements. An organization must ensure that these requirements can be met by its structured cabling system during the planning stage with the help of their cabling provider.

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