Fiber Optic Network Cabling Washington DCAs discussed in Part 1, Power over Ethernet (PoE) is capable of transmitting both data and power by using a standard Ethernet cable. This is very useful because it lets users install devices at locations where there are no electrical outlets. This capability makes Ethernet cabling the best way to connect future smart buildings. Part 2 will discuss Smart Buildings, The Edge, and PoE Lighting and Sensors.

Smart Buildings

Featuring energy conservation and efficiency, along with technical innovations, smart buildings typically have a strong networking infrastructure of interconnected devices that can be remotely controlled. More sophisticated smart buildings deploy smart devices capable of communicating with other devices that do not require human input. By using Ethernet cabling, much of a building’s Internet-connected smart components will allow users to select the setting they prefer by using an app.

The Edge Building

Constructed in Amsterdam, The Edge is a great example of a modern smart building. It is renowned as the world’s greenest and smartest. It recycles rain water for flushing toilets and irrigating greenery. Its atrium takes advantage of sunlight for lighting. The building maximizes the coordination of lighting, HVAC Systems, access control, and other smart devices. User friendly, The Edge allows office staff to adjust the settings for lighting and HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) through a mobile app. For these innovations and its energy efficiency, The Edge was awarded a 98% BREEAM score.

PoE Lighting and Sensors

Power over Ethernet is now being used to power energy efficient LED systems. They typically feature sensors for activating/deactivating lights. More sophisticated sensors monitor room usage and are programmed to gather data. Over time, some can even advise custodial staff that unused work spaces do not require cleaning.

Progressive Office Cabling

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