As discussed in Part 1, technology is now playing a greater part in teaching, and cabling in classrooms is growing both in importance and complexity. Part 2 will discuss Traditional Cabling Systems and Choosing Between Modular and Traditional.

Traditional Cabling Systems

Also called “classic”, traditional cabling systems feature cables that terminate to pass-through wall plates and are often offered in special configurations that are unavailable from modular solutions. Although traditional cabling is usually less expensive, its installation can take longer than modular due to the field termination requirement.

Another drawback is that the installation of full size A/V connectors on cables in conduits is troublesome. Due to factory terminated connectors, connections can’t be altered in order to allow room changes or adding hardware at a later date. Several connections and the bend radius of every cable will make it necessary to use deep wall mount boxes. This can hurt the classroom’s architectural aesthetics.

Choosing Between Modular and Traditional

There is a standard rule to follow when making the decision between modular and traditional cabling systems for an installation. When a new school is being built, choose a modular solution. If a room is being retrofitted or upgraded, select the traditional system.

New classrooms will feature conduit pathways for accommodating A/V wiring. The majority of conduits measure 1 ½ inches to 3 inches in diameter, which is a very limited space. Always consider that more wiring, such as telephone and Ethernet, may be installed in the conduit with A/V cabling. As modular cabling makes installation easier, experts recommend the system for installations in newly-built educational facilities.

For school retrofits, the cabling pathway either does not exist or is quite limited. Depending on a school’s construction date, it may or may not have existing conduit for installing cabling. If there is no conduit or the pathway does not reach needed areas, a raceway can be attached to the walls for the installation of wiring. Raceways come in a variety of sizes and its open design allows traditional cabling installation.

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