Cat5e,Hotel network cablingThe network cabling team at Progressive Office, Inc. headed by Richard Elbe successfully completed the network cabling at the Residence Inn on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Residence Inn General Manager Patrick McManus says, “The job had challenges but alof our expectations and goals were reached or exceeded.”

The job involved installation of Cat5 cable to all of the odd floors of the 13 story property. Each floor has access panels installed that safely host surface-mounted wall jacks inside of the ceiling on each floor. Riser cables were minimized by consolidating cables to patch panels on every fourth floor. The system now provides Innflux with the infrastructure to enable wireless access throughout the property including the Meeting and Conference Rooms.

The job was completed on budget and on-time with no extra charges or cost overruns. Progressive Office specializes in hotel cabling to enable wireless access services to guests. Please call Stu at 202-462-4290 or click on the icon to submit a response to a Questionnaire that will enable us to provide a quote for your hotel.