Your business depends on fast and secure Internet connections to conduct business every day. It is important to have Internet services that not only meet the existing needs of your business but can keep up with future demands as your company grows. There are several ways where fiber-optic Internet can benefit your organization.


The Basics


Fiber-optic Internet uses thin flexible strands of glass or plastic for swiftly transmitting data. These strands are typically only slightly thicker than human hair. Miniscule optical fibers transmit binary light that transports data. This technology lets information travel over longer distances at a faster rate than other methods of Internet connections.


Ultimately, Internet speed relies on the volume of data that the infrastructure is capable of processing. Copper cables were first intended only for voice transmission. In comparison to fiber-optic Internet, the volume of data they can handle is quite limited. Although fiber-optic Internet is growing, it does not currently cover all communities and cities.


Cable, DSL & Fiber


Internet connections are usually carried over some type of cable or wiring. Basically, there are three Internet options available to businesses and consumers.


Cable – Download speeds via cables typically range from 10 to 500 Mbps. Although cable may have a relatively fast download speed, its upload speed is much slower. Slow service usually occurs during peak hours when many people in an area are using cable simultaneously. Access to cable covers 85% to 90% of the U.S population.


DSL – Digital Subscriber Lines run over traditional telephone lines. The majority of telephone wires are made of copper. The download speed ranges from 5 to 35 Mbps. DSL is usually not as fast as other options, but it is cheaper. About 90% of the nation has access to DSL.


Fiber – From 250 to 1000 Mbps is the range of download speeds over fiber-optic cabling. High regional usage will not affect fiber Internet. 25% of the country currently has access to fiber-optic cable services.


Part 2 will cover Business Benefits, Advantages, and Disadvantages.


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