As discussed in Part 1, it is important to have internet services that not only meet the existing needs of your business but also keeps up with future requirements as your company grows. Part 2 will cover Business Benefits, Advantages, and Disadvantages.


Business Benefits


Fiber-optic internet can improve your business in various ways. The first benefit is a higher quality internet experience. Fiber internet is much faster than other kinds of internet. No matter how far your employee is from the source, the signal strength remains strong.


Fiber internet also improves access to the cloud. Thus, cloud-based apps such as Office 365 and QuickBooks can be more effectively utilized, even when used by several employees simultaneously.


The following lists the advantages and disadvantages of fiber-optic cabling and the Internet it carries.




Quality – Fiber cabling improves the internet experience, and this is especially noticeable in video and teleconferencing, which have become more important for businesses during the pandemic.


Reliability – Resistant to bad weather and corrosion, fiber cabling is also immune to EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI (radio frequency interference). Fiber lines are capable of withstanding 100 to 200 pounds of external pressure, while copper lines can only withstand 25 pounds.


Security – Due to the high speed and the fact that there is no microwave signal, optical fiber is very secure. Unlike copper cabling, fiber cannot be tapped.


Scalability – Thinner and lighter than copper cables, fiber cabling is easier to manage, facilitating MACs (moves, additions, and changes) and allowing your business to expand more easily.


Speed – Using pulses of light to transport data, fiber-optic cabling is significantly faster than cable or DSL internet.




Expensive – It requires a significant investment for the installation of fiber-optic cabling. However, it costs less to maintain, and downtime will typically be decreased.


Greater Fragility – Fiber-optic cabling can be more vulnerable to damage, especially when there is a remodeling or renovation project in a facility.


Limited Availability – Due to the higher cost of installing new fiber-optic lines, parts of the country have limited availability to fiber internet services.


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