Office Cat6 Office Cabling Pittsburgh PAAs discussed in Part 1, when budgets for schools are reduced, technology will still be an essential feature of educational programs, and structured cabling will also remain important for delivering IT services. Part 2 will discuss Best Practices, Common Issues, Planning, Structured Cabling Providers, and Other Services.

Best Practices

Properly setting up an IT-based school environment will present several hurdles, and it is not unusual that network errors will result in substandard performance and downtime. Structured cabling for educational institutions can be complicated, and best practices must be used to avoid problems.

Common Issues

The common issues suffered by universities and schools involve networks that experience instability, occasional slowdowns, bottlenecks, and downtime. The primary cause is the incorrect installation of structured cabling. These problems result in significant decreases of productivity and efficiency among educators, students, and administrators.


The key to creating a successful network is using best practices during its installation. Doing so will decrease network cabling issues and downtime from the beginning. This is accomplished by first making an evaluation of the school’s requirements and understanding the existing issues that need to be addressed. Strong planning will also help prevent problems in the future.

Structured Cabling Providers

Experienced structured cabling providers will provide a comprehensive approach for a school’s network cabling. It will find solutions for known problems, prepare for anticipated growth, and ensure infrastructure requirements will be met. The end goal is to give students a strong and dependable computing environment.

As technology grows in prominence in the curriculums of educational institutions, educators, students and administrators will require reliable access to IT. It is also important that the structured cabling plan implemented will result in operational efficiency to ensure productivity.

Other Services

Aside from data networks, structured cabling can also support CCTV, VoIP, PA systems, SMARTBoards, AV equipment, and PA systems.

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