An automated data collection technology, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is used to increase the operational efficiency of warehouses and distribution centers.

Using radio-frequency waves, data is transmitted between a moveable item and a reader. RFID is capable of swiftly identifying, categorizing, and tracking an item. In contrast to bar codes, this wireless technology does not require scanning items manually. RFID allows an item to transmit information about its location inside a warehouse, resulting in greater productivity.

The tools for an RFID infrastructure typically feature antennas, readers that are fixed, handheld, or mobile, and RFID tags. They work in conjunction with enterprise or manufacturing software and applications. Almost every operational aspect of a warehouse can benefit from RFID, including shipping and receiving, product inventory, stocking, and many other tasks.

RFID for Faster Receiving

Numerous distribution centers, factories, and warehouses utilize barcodes for the tagging of cases, pallets, and products as they are received. However, using barcodes means scanning one item at a time, which can be very time-consuming. On the other hand, utilizing RFID tags eases receiving because shipments can be identified automatically upon entering a warehouse.

RFID allows for the verification of shipments based on the purchase order, which then transmits instructions to a worker. In addition, shipments, back orders, and returned products can be readily sent to their assigned locations within a warehouse.

Point of Manufacture Tagging

RFID’s excellent tracking capabilities make it superior to barcodes, enabling increased automation of the verification process. This capability enables point of manufacture tagging, resulting in greater accuracy in terms of outbound and inbound data which helps a business succeed. For example, RFID can help a luxury goods maker verify the authenticity of products and decrease warehouse theft.

Part 2 will discuss Real-Time Asset Management, Warehouse Shipping, and Improved Traceability.

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