A system comprised of cables, hardware, and wires, structured cabling connects the infrastructure of an organization’s data and communication systems. The components can include computers, data centers, telephony, and video cameras.

A structured cabling system that is professionally planned, designed, and installed is crucial for the future success of a company in terms of conveying perhaps its most precious asset – business data. The following summarizes how structured cabling can benefit your business.


When cabling is clean and well-organized in your facility, your company will look good, and your clients will feel more confident in your abilities.

Better ROI

Implementing a structured cabling system will result in reduced maintenance and repair costs. In addition, an organization will save on outlay for replacing cables and wiring over time. Thus, there is a better return on investment for installing structured cabling.

Downtime Minimized

Disorganization in cabling systems results in the tangling of wires and creates connectivity problems. This may be the cause of network problems and reduced productivity. Proper installation of structured cabling will minimize downtime.

Faster Resolution of Problems

Structured cabling promotes organization and makes it less time consuming to isolate the source of a cabling problem and make the necessary repairs.

IoT Supported

Growing rapidly in use, IoT-enabled devices can be combined with structured cabling to enable automation of business operations, cybersecurity, and energy management.


When cabling is messy and scattered, the work environment is unsafe for employees and visitors. There is a greater probability of electric shocks, fires, as well as trips and falls.


Since structured cabling systems package wires neatly in a way that’s easy to manage, MACs (moves, additions, and changes), are made more efficient, easing the addition of new technology and machines to your IT infrastructure as your company expands.

Progressive Office Cabling

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