Cat6 Fiber Cabling Company PittsburghThe creation of a small business network begins with a foundation of routers and switches. Below is a simple overview that will help you make a plan for what your company’s network will require.

Differentiating Between Switches and Routers

Creating a small business network will require two types of equipment: switches and routers. Although they appear alike, these two devices have different roles.

Switches will provide the connections between several devices, such as computers, servers, and printers, on a network inside a facility. A switch allows devices that are connected to share information and communicate with each other. Your network will not be able to function if there aren’t any switches to connect devices to each other.

Routers link several networks. When creating a small business network, one or more routers will be required. A router provides the connection to the Internet for networked computers. It allows them to share one Internet connection, performing as a dispatcher and selecting the best routes for the transmittal of information. A router links your company to the rest of the globe, protecting data from cyber security threats. It is also capable of prioritizing a network’s computers.

Solid Foundation

Below are basic steps that will help you build a solid foundation for your small business network.

Purchase only business-grade routers and switches for dependable data transmissions and communications. Home or mass consumer network equipment will be unable to cope with commercial requirements as your business expands.

Your small business network should be capable of scaling, allowing the addition of functions and features as your organization grows. Features that you may add in the future may include CCTV, VoIP, internal messaging, and wireless apps.

Ease of installation, reliability, and redundancy should be emphasized to make changes and upgrades easier, and to promote growth in the future.

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