A major component of modern companies, the data center provides networking, data backup, disaster recovery, cloud storage, computing power, and testing capabilities.
Properly managing a data center requires both technical knowledge and teamwork.

Evolving over time, data centers have become increasingly complex, which creates challenges for managers. One challenge is data center cabling infrastructure, which is very different from a building’s structured cabling. Data center cables are generally shorter and have higher bandwidth. Just one cabinet for a data center may require 24 to 96 connections.

When cabling infrastructure is poorly designed, a single technical malfunction may cause chaos within the data center. Each minute of downtime may result in millions of dollars of losses to your business or clients. Fortunately, good management helps prevent extensive periods of downtime.

The following will offer several best practices for designing the ideal data center cabling infrastructure.

Network Team Consultation

The design phase of data center cabling infrastructure will determine how well it functions. The first step is consulting with the network team regarding design ideas and space requirements. Ask questions to determine whether copper or fiber optic cabling is best for your network. Great design will take into account how much area the data center will require now and in the future.

Installation Manual

Cabling infrastructure management is often hampered by changes in personnel because knowledge may not be transferred accurately and/or thoroughly to new employees. For example, the company that installed the cabling may no longer exist. To prevent issues that may arise, an installation manual should be created by the team of cabling professionals who oversaw the work.

An installation manual should feature detailed diagrams and include the labeling of every cable, connection, and network switch. In addition, upgrades and material changes should be included in updates. A good installation manual will allow technicians to efficiently carry out maintenance, find issues, and carry out repairs, decreasing data center downtimes and associated costs.

Part 2 will discuss Structured Cabling, Cable Choices, Wire Managers, and Positioning.

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