Structured Cabling Network Design Installation NYC NYA study found about 70 billion kWh (kilowatt hour) of electricity was consumed by data centers in 2014. The researchers also found electrical use would have risen to 110 billion kWh if not for improvements in energy efficiency. In addition, they estimated that improvements in cabling infrastructure can lead to savings of 15% to 40% in energy costs.

Improperly installed cabling can block air pathways in data centers intended for heat dispersion, increasing energy consumption for cooling. Thus, technicians must ensure the efficient distribution of air for ventilation and cooling. The following will discuss methods that will promote energy efficiency in your data center.

Blank Panel Installation

By installing blank panels in empty cabinet space, data centers can make sure hot aisles will be separated from cold aisles. This will prevent the mixing of hot air with cold air, which results in greater energy consumption.

Cable Dams Removal

Cable dams are capable of covering the cold air intakes of equipment, which may overheat and eventually experience failure. Blockages can also prevent some hot air from leaving cabinets and dispersing into cold aisles rather than hot aisles, decreasing efficiency.

Cable Manager Utilization

Using vertical and horizontal cable managers will aid in keeping airways clear. They also make installation and connectivity to new equipment easier.

Minimize Cabinet Equipment

Minimizing equipment such as patch panels and fiber channel devices within a single cabinet will limit the number of terminations. This decreases cabling that may block air flow within the cabinet and the areas around it.

Smaller Cabling Density

Smaller cabling density decreases the space used in cabinets. This will promote air flow and cooling efficiency. In addition, smaller cables provide greater flexibility and weigh less, easing installation.

Staggering Trunk Legs

Using pre-terminated director trunks will promote better performance because they are designed to fit specific fiber channel switching modules in the most popular director-class switches. Staggering trunk legs will also help eliminate cable slack, preventing congestion inside cabinets and promoting air flow.

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