RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) can make your warehouse more efficient in several ways. The technology supports the gathering and delivery of data relevant to an item, which could be a pallet, part, product, or other items.

Through the use of radio signals, RFID is capable of remotely identifying objects. This is made possible by attaching an RFID tag to items that require identification or tracking. An RFID reader gathers data associated with the tag and then transmits it to a computer application. It is also possible to transmit information from the application to the tag.

RFID Capabilities

RFID can be used to accomplish several tasks. However, the great majority of the technology’s usage involves determining the location of an item and reporting its condition. Below is a summary of RFID’s typical use cases.

  • Identification of Objects
  • Inventory Visibility
  • Tracking Levels of Inventory
  • Identifying Location
  • Real-time Item Location Tracking
  • Providing Item-Specific data (temperature, status, age, etc.)

Keeping track of the number of hours a tool has been in use is possible without RFID. However, the task would be complicated and take much time and effort. RFID technology is also capable of creating alerts for the maintenance schedule of equipment, making it much simpler than doing it manually, which would require documents logs that track and add the number of hours of use.

An RFID application can save time and effort by gathering data regarding equipment remotely. Even employees located off premises would be able to obtain the needed information by using software or an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.

RFID capabilities promote operational efficiency because items can provide data and be managed remotely. They can also help maintain standards of quality, track objectives, and gather data over periods of time to help improve future performance.

Part 2 will discuss RFID Applications.

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