Due to a growing tech-savvy workforce, cloud-based technology, IoT requirements, and predictive analytics, the need for future-proof cabling infrastructure within commercial buildings is rapidly increasing. Although property owners typically allow IT staff and building managers to make cabling decisions, they should understand the ROI benefits from upgrading their cabling infrastructure.


There are two important aspects that need to be considered for the installation of cabling infrastructure that is capable of meeting the modern technological demands of equipment, software, and businesses. The first is the cabling itself, and the second is the way in which it is structured.


Category 6a Cabling Advantages


During the planning of a network cabling infrastructure, selecting the right type of cable will be crucial because it will determine connectivity and data transmission performance. High-speed data networks and LANs (local area networks) are unable to perform well if they are not equipped with the right cabling and connectors. Over the last eight years, Cat6a cable and connectors became the standard for new installations in commercial buildings so bandwidths up to 250MHz and Gigabit network applications can be supported.


The second “a” of Cat6a means augmented. Thus, this category of cabling can support data transmission rates of 10G for up to 328 feet, along with a maximum bandwidth of 500MHz. Now well established as the minimum requirement for new installations and upgrades, Cat6a has been adopted by numerous data centers, universities, and hospitals.


Several substantial advantages from the installation of Cat6a cabling can make the investment worthwhile. First, your network will have increased 10x network speeds in comparison with Cat6. Second, Cat6a is capable of providing two times more bandwidth, allowing NBASE-T Multi-Gig applications to be well supported.


When you select Cat6a cabling for your structured cabling infrastructure, expect to pay 10-20% more for your cabling. The actual expense will also be determined by your facility’s network architecture and the labor costs in your area.


Emerging technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence), augmented reality, and high-bandwidth wireless applications need efficient and rapid data transmissions from devices and sensors. Thus, in terms of performance and cost, Cat6a cabling is currently the best choice.


Part 2 will discuss Zone Cabling, Power over Ethernet, and How Cabling Can Improve ROI.


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