As mentioned in Part 1, commercial building owners typically allow IT staff and building managers to make cabling decisions. However, they should understand the ROI benefits of upgrading their cabling infrastructure. Part 2 will discuss Zone Cabling, Power over Ethernet, and How Cabling Can Improve ROI.


Zone Cabling


Running cables from the telecommunications room to points of consolidation or preset distances within ceilings, zone cabling divides floor space into several equal areas (zones). A device or system in each zone is connected to one unifying point.


Through the deployment of consolidation points inside ceilings, buildings are capable of conveniently providing the secure connections that a core network requires. The installation of a zone cabling system utilizing Cat6a cabling will also allow the deployment or modification of existing and future applications.


Office spaces that already have a zone cabling system can provide important benefits to the owners of commercial buildings and their tenants. They will be able to connect their devices or systems in each zone. The cabling infrastructure will be simpler and easier to use because of an orderly system of connection points with shorter cables and consolidation points, resulting in lower maintenance costs.


Power over Ethernet


Power over Ethernet (PoE) is increasingly used for powering LED lighting, security cameras, and Wi-Fi access points as Cat6a is being predominantly installed for new installations and upgrades. In addition, Cat6a cabling future-proofs network infrastructure, ensuring compatibility with new technologies and applications.


The combination of zone cabling and Cat6a cabling helps ensure that network infrastructure will be capable of handling technical requirements required by technologies utilizing a single medium (PoE) for power and data transmission.


How Cabling Can Improve ROI


There are several ROI benefits that result from an upgrade of infrastructure to Cat6a cabling. Along with saving money over the long term, an upgrade will help in the retention of existing tenants and attracting new ones. Cat6a cabling will allow their businesses to deploy new enterprise applications that require greater bandwidth, helping them to be more efficient and productive.


Progressive Office Cabling


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