Low voltage systems, also known as structured wiring or low voltage cabling, are essential for the seamless operation of digital and electronic technology within commercial buildings. These systems encompass audio/visual setups, computer networking, network data, telephone lines, security systems, and Wi-Fi networks. Unlike conventional electrical wiring, low voltage wiring supports these systems independently, ensuring efficiency and reliability.

Importance of Professional Installation

The installation of low voltage wiring necessitates the expertise of certified technicians. These professionals possess the skills and experience to design and implement a comprehensive network that spans entire buildings. In complex scenarios, such as when multiple facilities require integrated systems, the configuration of the cabling infrastructure becomes even more intricate. Only trained and experienced technicians can manage such installations successfully, ensuring that all components function harmoniously.

Enhancing Building and Facility Security

Ensuring the security of commercial buildings is vital for crime prevention and the safety of employees and visitors. Progressive Office offers a team of skilled and experienced professionals adept at installing various low voltage security systems. Below, we delve into four key types of low voltage systems that enhance security.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems are crucial for regulating who can enter specific areas within a facility, at what times, and under which conditions. These systems can incorporate biometric scanners, card readers, and other technologies to restrict access to sensitive areas such as offices, medical facilities, schools, warehouses, and more. By controlling entry, businesses can enhance security and protect sensitive information and assets.

Motion Sensor Alarm Systems

Motion sensor alarm systems play a pivotal role in safeguarding commercial buildings from unauthorized entry. This system integrates motion detectors, door and window contacts, panic switches, and other devices to create a comprehensive security network. When these sensors are triggered, they can automatically alert monitoring services, professional security guards, or law enforcement, ensuring a swift response to potential threats.

Surveillance Camera Systems

Surveillance camera systems are indispensable for continuous monitoring of both the interior and exterior of commercial properties. These systems typically include a network of CCTV cameras connected to video monitors and digital recorders. Security personnel can view live and recorded footage remotely, enabling them to stay informed about activities within and around the premises. This constant surveillance deters criminal activities and provides valuable evidence if an incident occurs.

Temperature Detection & Screening Systems

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, temperature detection and screening systems have become crucial for maintaining a safe environment. Infrared cameras, equipped with special technology, can detect elevated body temperatures at entry points, signaling a potential health risk. While these cameras cannot diagnose COVID-19, they help identify individuals who may need further medical evaluation, thus protecting the health and well-being of employees and visitors.


Low voltage systems are integral to the security and operational efficiency of commercial buildings. By employing certified technicians to install and maintain these systems, businesses can ensure their facilities are well-protected and technologically equipped to handle modern challenges. Progressive Office’s expertise in low voltage wiring and security system installations makes them a reliable partner for any commercial security needs.

For more information on how low voltage systems can enhance your building’s security, contact Progressive Office today. Ensure your commercial property is equipped with the latest in security technology, protecting both your assets and your people.