Data cabling for distribution centers and warehouses will require a different set of requirements than office buildings. A key difference is many cables and electrical equipment will have to be installed by using powered access lifts, which will be at heights of 25 feet and more. As a result, detailed planning will be needed for cable runs throughout the structure.


Typical Services Offered


The following are the typical installations and services offered for warehouse data cabling:


  • Audio Visual Systems
  • CCTV, Access Control, and Security Systems
  • Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Lighting & Electrical Systems
  • Mobile Phone Signal Booster System
  • Relocation of Cabling and Related Systems
  • Servicing & Maintenance of Cabling System
  • Structured Cabling Installation
  • WiFi Cabling &Systems Installations


Design & Planning


Design and planning for the above installations for warehouse spaces will be quite different from commercial, education, hospitality, and medical spaces. Perhaps the most important consideration is installing during off hours to ensure the safety of employees and minimize the disruption to the business. The following lists additional project considerations:


  • Compliance with regulations and health & safety requirements
  • Extra costs, time, and effort required because of greater complexity
  • Longer distances and larger area of warehouse or distribution center
  • Movement of powered access equipment and hazards to employees
  • Work required above the client’s employees and equipment


Cabling personnel will need to coordinate their installation schedule with the operations of the warehouse. This may include the client’s automated picking equipment and warehouse racking.


Project Examples


  • Cat6a and fiber-optic cabling installed for high-tech sorting facility
  • CCTV system and data cabling installation for consumer electronics warehouse
  • Data cabling and WiFi Access Points for e-commerce distribution center
  • Two warehouses are linked to improved coordination and efficiency


The first step is contacting an experienced cabling professional to perform a site survey and provide an estimate.


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