PRI Services

PRI Services

A telecommunications standard for enterprises and offices, PRI (Primary Rate Interface) services deliver VoIP technology to conventional phone systems and provide companies an affordable method for improving external and internal connectivity. Featuring reliable performance and high call quality, installing a PRI phone system is the ideal solution for companies worldwide.

Configured with one data channel and 23 bidirectional channels, PRI enables transmission speeds reaching 1.5 megabytes per second. PRI systems also offload every control and signaling requirement onto D channels, and so the free B channels are available for voice, data, voice, or a combination of both services. PRI technology provides a cost-effective and dependable choice for a business seeking an upgrade of its telecommunications system.

In contrast to analog trunk lines, PRI feature caller ID and all-digital technology, allowing integrated and simultaneous data and voice services via conventional telephone lines as well as PBX phone systems. Utilizing a PRI system, an organization can hold video conferences, stream video to several sites, and make phone calls simultaneously and not experience interference over the connection.

The PRI packages we provide are affordable and include the following features that add value:

  • Customizable channels
  • Direct inward dialing numbers assignable to desks or workstations
  • Features that support PBX systems or call centers
  • Voice and data access T1 enabled

A wide range of industries utilize PRI services to meet complex connectivity requirements. Although introduced in the 1980s, PRI technology is still used widely, and it continues to be considered a dependable internet solution today. Before the advent of PRI, each device required a separate phone line. Each computer, fax machine, telephone, and video conferencing system needed its own connection, which was expensive and time-consuming.

Nowadays, a modern PRI network can provide most businesses an affordable method for staying connected, promoting growth and success.

Your business will benefit immediately by improving connectivity with our affordable PRI services. Contact us and receive a free evaluation and quote today!

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