As discussed in Part 1, relocating your company to a new office can be quite challenging and costly. This article will discuss several factors to be considered while properly planning the cabling of your new office. Part 2 will discuss Health & Safety, Future Expansion, Structured Cabling, and Early Consultations.

Health & Safety

An important consideration is the wiring layout methods used in terms of the safety and mobility of employees and visitors in the new office location. Tangles of wires connecting equipment or lying on the floors uncovered will be hazards. Improperly stored cabling can block emergency exits and block the ventilation for cooling server rooms. Check with a professional cabling firm regarding compliance with regulations.

Future Expansion

After studying market projections, you may anticipate your company growing and expanding, so your team will need to prepare for accommodating more bandwidth, computers, servers, phones, power usage, data storage, and upgrades. Consideration should be given regarding your existing setup and how the new office can be configured to allow flexibility for revisions and expansion in the future.

Structured Cabling

Improvised installations of cabling for data, networking, and communications by several different contractors will likely prevent the creation of an efficient and integrated IT infrastructure. In addition, the costs for the management and maintenance will be more expensive because of the various systems and mixture of equipment.

A structured cabling system will be much easier to utilize, maintain, reconfigure, and repair. This is made possible by using best practices for the configurations and connections for cabling, power, and communications. Adaptability is one of the great advantages of structured cabling because it allows the future proofing of infrastructure.

Early Consultations

Holding early consultations with engineers, cooling technicians, communications and network experts, and cabling contractors will be necessary because there will be numerous projects and tasks to properly plan and coordinate while meeting deadlines and staying within the budget.

Progressive Office Cabling

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