As discussed in Part 1, if your company is planning the installation of access control readers and locks, data servers, or surveillance cameras, the project will require structured cabling to support these security system components. Part 2 will discuss Access Control and Wire Concealment & Protection.

Access Control

Structured cabling may require more complexity for access control systems. Today, a composite cable bearing several separately insulated wires is used for simplifying both installation and maintenance. Termed banana cables, they are yellow and easy to peel from one another.

These composite cables provide both data and power for the door contact sensor, electric lock, reader, and request to exit component. Each cable within a banana cable is rated by its gauge and how many conductors it has.

The wiring requirements for IP and PoE access control are much less complex because each component is running on a standard Ethernet cable as it would for an IP surveillance camera system. Such systems are easier to expand as connecting to an Ethernet network is simpler than installing another cable from the door to the control panel.

Wire Concealment & Protection

Ensuring wires are not exposed is an additional challenge for professional installers. In addition, when cables are run through and behind walls they occasionally require additional insulation or weatherproofing.

Plastic or metal conduit can give wiring more protection from corrosion, EMI, fire tampering, and moisture. They are capable of being run through concrete walls, allowing the installation of outlets in locations where security systems would be unsuitable without them. In areas where embedded cabling has no viability, raceways or wire molds are used to run wiring along walls within a thin metal or plastic casing.


Keeping the future in mind is one of the keys for the successful installation of a security system. Typically, homes, offices, and retail stores can be easily wired with additional outlets and Ethernet cables for accommodating future growth. However, properly planning an installation with an experienced professional will make the task even easier and faster.

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