As discussed in Part 1, modern data centers strive to implement a well-designed structured cabling system. Part 2 will discuss the Benefits of Structured Cabling, Importance of Performance, and High Quality Cables.

Benefits of Structured Cabling

Maximized Uptime – Installing new equipment can be done faster. Cables are neatly installed and organized. Errors involving selecting the wrong cable for a MAC (move, addition or change) are decreased.

Decreased Footprint – Technicians can utilize smaller diameter trunk cabling. This decreases the bulk of accumulated cable, reducing the probability of impeded airflow and damaged cables.

Greater Scalability – Modern data centers are becoming increasingly complex. However, new connections and equipment must be supported as the network grows. A structured cabling system promotes scalability because of its modular design.

Greater ROI – A structured cabling system will have a longer service life, spanning several generations of hardware, which allows for a greater return on investment.

Decreased Costs – Cooling, heating, operational, and power costs are all decreased.

Faster Installation & Maintenance – A structured cabling system enables technicians to perform MACs faster and more efficiently, reducing costs.

Improved Uptime & Business Continuity – Decreases the time needed to perform MACs and decreases the probability of cabling errors, which means more uptime and business continuity.

Importance of Performance

Cabling system loss, channel distance, and optical power budget are interrelated within a structured cabling system. When optical loss budgets are exceeded, channel errors will result, increasing the chances of downtime.

In order to prevent this, it is best to utilize a set of products that provide structured cabling benefits, but not exceed optical loss budgets. Doing so will help eliminate operational errors and allow longer cable runs.

High Quality Cables

MACs are a daily occurrence in data centers, requiring the movement of cables. When there is a mating of two fiber-optic connectors, pressures can exceed 40,000 PSI. Under great pressures, repeatedly mating and un-mating poor-quality cables will cause them to fail after just a few uses. Make sure the cables you purchase are of high manufacturing quality.

Progressive Office Cabling

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