Network Cabling Switch DC NY NYCWhat gives structured cabling an edge over point-to-point cabling is its cost effectiveness, reduced maintenance, flexibility, easier revision/repair, and longer service life due to future proofing? This article will discuss these important advantages for a company’s IT infrastructure.


Perhaps a basic understanding for a business owner is what structured cabling looks like when compared to point-to-point cabling. What you often see with point-to-point is a tangle of cable runs that scatter everywhere in a facility. In contrast, structured cabling appears streamlined and more organized. It is a system based on best practices, resulting in much better organization.

Structured cabling’s success is based on its centralization at the Main Distribution Area (MDA). The MDA is a structured cabling system, which features several patch panels and trunks that are the foundation of a coherent infrastructure.

This cohesiveness results in hardware ports being easily joined to patch panels, and these are then readily connected to more patch panels. Rather than disorganized cables, a system utilizing structured cabling is capable of letting storage units and servers connect to one primary communication center. This is a huge differentiation from point-to-point cabling, which often results in several infrastructures.

Advantages for Companies

Most companies will obtain advantages from implementing structured cabling. From small startups planning to expand to established medium-sized enterprises that require very reliable data transmission for a large number of users, structured cabling will deliver speed and efficiency, promoting increased productivity.

Supporting the bandwidth required by modern businesses, structured cabling provides outstanding reliability. This is due to its ability to offer scalability, flexibility, and future proofing. Moreover, problems that arise in structured cabling can be much more easily addressed than in a point-to-point type infrastructure. This will save a company both time and money.

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