The following are three IT Network questions that business owners should be able to answer.


  • Is your cabling infrastructure meeting the IT needs of your company?


  • What is the type of cabling system installed in your premises?


  • Do you recall the last time your network cabling was upgraded?


The IT network of your company is the backbone of your business. If it is not fast and reliable, your staff will waste time and won’t be as productive. This will likely decrease revenue and profitability.


Structured Cabling Benefits


You may be concerned that adding a communication backbone and upgrading your cable system will be expensive. Yes, the installation of a structured cabling system will require a significant investment in the future of your company. The following will cover the three key benefits of structured cabling for today’s businesses.


1) Investment Pays for Itself


Making the transition to a modern and properly installed structured cabling system from an outdated point-to-point cabling system won’t be inexpensive. Cost of installation generally ranges $100 to $500 per connection. Organizations with offices in older buildings that do not have subfloor and ceiling access will need to spend more. However, the investment will gradually pay for itself as employees will be more productive and IT costs will be lowered.


2) Decreases Time Needed for MACs


The time, cost, and effort spent on repairs and MACs (moves, additions, and changes) will be significantly reduced by a structured cabling system. Structured cabling makes it also easier and faster to identify and solve problems. Disruption of operations will be minimized during repair and maintenance. There will also be more flexibility when adding devices to the network.


3) Future Proofing


The typical cable has an average service life of 15 years, which can be up to three times longer than devices. If you have a new installation, deploying recommended Cat6a cabling or better would be wise. In addition, a company’s rate of growth and future technical needs are often unpredictable. Making the transition to a structured cabling system will help future-proof the IT network of your company because it will be more capable of scaling and adopting new technologies.


Progressive Office Cabling


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