When people think of protection against cyberattacks, the majority consider antivirus software, firewalls, encryption, etc. as the primary solutions. However, more can be done in terms of hardware to strengthen defenses against malicious attacks.

Cabling experts can attest that IT infrastructure can also determine how strong your cybersecurity will be. Cabling is a crucial component of a company’s network, and using best practices during installation can significantly impact how well an organization can maintain cybersecurity.

Copper vs. Fiber

As cyberattacks grow in frequency and sophistication, fiber optic cabling is being increasingly implemented as an affordable method for immediately strengthening a company’s cybersecurity in terms of the Internet.

Data transmissions over a copper cable can be intercepted by attaching taps to it that can pick up passing electronic signals. In contrast, tapping an Internet fiber optic cable and intercepting its data transmissions is extremely difficult. In addition, it is quite easy to spot compromised fiber optic cable, which will emit light visibly from transmissions.

Implementing Redundancy

The implementation of redundancy in a structured cable system can help an organization withstand an unforeseen event caused by a manmade or natural disaster and maintain business continuity and cybersecurity. An emergency standby generator system can power an organization’s data center in the event of a power outage. Once it detects that electricity is lost from the utility, the generator automatically activates within seconds and begins providing power.

Installation Quality

Disorganized cables from not implementing the best practices of structured cabling may also weaken cybersecurity. This can happen if color coding, labeling, and cataloging were not properly carried out during installation. A mistake made by a confused technician because of tangled cabling may lead to circumstances that disable an organization’s cybersecurity systems, rendering it vulnerable to a cyberattack and a data breach.

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