As discussed in Part 1, structured cabling provides a comprehensive infrastructure for telecommunications that meets an organization’s business and technical requirements. It is also capable of meeting the company’s current and future demands. Part 2 will discuss the Appearance and Advantages of Structured Cabling.

Appearance of Structured Cabling

An organized approach to telecommunications infrastructure is perhaps what best defines the chief characteristic of structured cabling. To quickly grasp this notion, picture what structured cabling is not.

For numerous data centers, the method used for installing cabling is described as point to point. This outdated approach runs patch cables from and to hardware that require connectivity.

In stark contrast, a structured cabling system utilizes several patch panels and trunks for the creation of an infrastructure that gives hardware ports connections to a patch panel on top of a rack. This patch panel will be connected to another patch panel through a trunk inside the Main Distribution Area (MDA).

An MDA is an important feature of structured cabling because it greatly eases maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. The MDA is the location where all moves, adds, and changes (MACs) can be carried out through the use of short length patch cords.

Advantages of Structured Cabling

As mentioned above, structured cabling aims for an organized approach for the installation of cables and associated hardware. Below is a listing of key advantages.

• MACs can be done significantly faster because they are performed inside the MDA with short patch cords rather than with lengthy patch cords running from equipment racks.

• Duration of downtime greatly reduced because there is a substantial decrease of the probability of human error.

• There will be much time and effort saved because the tracing of cables and ports is eased tremendously by a structured cabling system.

• Professional and attractive appearance will result from implementing a structured cabling system because MACs can be at the MDA, which eliminates unsightly cable runs.

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