Temperature Detection & Screening

Temperature Detection and Screening

COVID-19 cases surpassed three million cases worldwide as of June 2020, and organizations are seeking non-invasive ways that will help prevent the spread of this virus that has taken more than one hundred thousand lives in the United States.

The effectiveness of these methods will be significantly important as states reopen businesses throughout the country while the corona virus remains a threat to public health. Businesses will need tools beyond social distancing and face masks to help protect the well-being of their workforce and those who visit their facilities.

Infrared Cameras

Utilizing algorithms working with hi-tech detectors, Hikvision Temperature Screening Thermographic Cameras were developed for the detection of elevated temperatures on skin surfaces. This advanced temperature detection technology is capable of fast and efficient preliminary temperature screenings of individuals in airports, factories, office buildings, railway stations, and other public facilities.

  • Accurate up to ±0.3°C
  • Only one second needed to detect person’s skin-surface temperature
    Simultaneous temperature detection of several individuals
  • Measurement of individuals is non-contact, avoiding physical contact
  • Alarms immediately in order to notify operators
  • AI detection technology, decreasing false alarms from untargeted heat sources

Core body temperatures should actually be verified by utilizing clinical measurement devices. In all circumstances, our team highly recommends that thermographic cameras are used only in accordance with federal and local regulations and laws.

Temperature Screening Packages

Turret/Bullet Camera

  • iVMS-4200 + Laptop + Tripod/Bracket
  • Accurate up to ±0.5°C.

Turret/Bullet Camera + Blackbody Calibrator

  • iVMS-4200 + Laptop + Tripod/Bracket
  • Accurate up to ±0.3°C.
  • Enhanced by blackbody calibrator, increasing accuracy from ±0.5°C to ±0.3°C.
  • Featuring AI detection, turret/bullet camera decreases false alarms from other heat sources.

Handheld Camera

  • Thermal app + Tripod
  • Accurate up to ±0.5°C.
  • Using a Wi-Fi module, handheld camera connects to computer or smartphone.
  • Built-in speaker provides audio alarm.

Operational Tips

  • Cameras should be installed inside windless indoor environment
  • A clearly marked temperature measurement zone should be set up.
  • Elevated skin-surface temperatures should be verified by a thermometer.
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