A component of a typical structured cabling installation, the entrance facility contains cabling components required for providing the methods for connecting the exterior service facilities to the cabling inside the premises. The ways for connecting include cables, connecting hardware, service entrance pathways, circuit protection devices, and transition hardware.

Where the entrance facility will be located is dependent upon the type of facility, the exterior plant cabling route, facility architecture, and aesthetic requirements. Below are the four principal types of entrance facilities:

• Aerial
• Buried
• Tunnel
• Underground

Backbone Cabling

A structured cabling network connects to other buildings from the entrance facility. It also goes from floor to floor inside a building, forming the backbone cabling system. The term backbone is used because it aptly describes the cables primarily responsible for the handling of major network traffic.

According to the ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-A standard that provides the definition of backbone cabling, backbone cabling provides the interconnections between equipment rooms, telecommunications closets, and entrance facilities within the structure of the telecommunications cabling system.

Backbone cables, intermediate & main cross-connects, patch cords or jumpers utilized for backbone-to-backbone cross-connections, and mechanical terminations make up the main components of backbone cabling.

Intrabuilding and Interbuilding and are two kinds of backbone cables. Intrabuilding backbone cable is intended for handling the traffic between closets in one building. Interbuilding backbone cable is for handling the traffic between buildings.

Two Levels of Backbone Cabling

First Level Backbone – a cable between a main cross-connect (MC) and horizontal cross-connect (HC) or intermediate cross-connect (IC).

Second Level Backbone – cable existing between an IC and HC.

Service Life

Consisting of planned periods of growth that normally range from 3 to 10 years, the backbone cabling system has a service life that is not as long as the lifespan of the premises cabling system.

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